Gardening at Parkland Manor!

We’re having lots of fun this summer at Manors! Our Parkland Manor residents spent some time in the sun and got their hands dirty with an exciting gardening project. We have all kinds of amazing activities coming up that we can’t wait to share!

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It’s Time for Outdoor FUN!

The weather is warm and the sun is shining! That means that it’s time for all kinds of Summer and outdoor fun at the Manors. From the new ice cream truck to beautiful outdoor spaces to exercise and relax, we’re ready for an exciting Summer!

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arts and crafts for seniors

It’s Never Too Late to Create!

Creativity doesn’t come to a standstill when you hit a certain age! In fact, it oftentimes does the exact opposite. The pursuit of art in older age is actually extremely beneficial to the mind and body. This “art” we talk about doesn’t have to be in the form of beautiful sculptures, oil paintings, or perfect haikus either. Creative action is as easy as doodling on a napkin or coloring in the lines!

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WFMZ 69 News Features Manors of the Valley’s Positivity

During this difficult time, we are incredibly proud of our Manors of the Valley staff and all their efforts to keep our residents safe and happy. Many people look forward to spending holidays with family and Easter is no exception. Despite the restrictions on visitors for this year’s celebrations and event our residents still enjoyed a fun holiday, with their happiness and positivity reflected in a video that was widely shared on social media.

Local news even picked up on the story and our residents and staff were able to share their good cheer to everyone on Easter Sunday when the video was featured on WFMZ 69 News.

Click the “Read More” button to see the news segment!

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Self Care for Caregivers

Caring for an aging loved one can put physical, emotional, and financial strain on a caregiver. Physically assisting an adult can be very demanding on a caregiver’s own body. The emotional strain of caring for a loved one who may not have the mental capacity they once had can be incredibly draining. And if a caregiver has to take off work to help their loved one or place them in an appropriate facility to meet their needs, ensuring that aging relatives have the care they deserve can, unfortunately, put financial pressure on the caregiver as well. In an age where everyone is always hustling, making the time for self-care can seem daunting. Here are a few simple reminders for caregivers to help them live their best life in potentially trying circumstances.

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New Year, New Activities

With a huge surge in popularity of websites like Etsy.com and television shows like “Making It”, crafting has gone mainstream. At Manors of the Valley, crafting has always been a big part of our activities calendar and we have some very talented residents in our midst. We love changing up our crafts for an upcoming holiday or season. Mostly, we enjoy using our hands to make fun items to enjoy or gift to others. Crafting is great for the mind and we have a lot of exciting projects planned for 2020! Take a look at our latest gallery for some of our residents’ crafty creations and some other fun activities!

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A Community Of Light

Here at Manors of the Valley, we know that holiday traditions are important. Every family has its own set of beloved activities, and since we’re a family here, we like to enjoy lots of family fun and outings during the holiday season. We dine on delicious, healthy meals, make holiday crafts, and meet up for parties and socials. As another year comes to a close, we have a lot to celebrate. One delightful outing was a trip around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights! We’re lucky to be part of such a beautiful community. Take a peek at our latest gallery for some of the highlights of the light tour and other fun, family holiday celebrations!

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Every Day Is A Perfect Day For An Outing

Once again, the Manors of the Valley residents are enjoying a day out on the town! Today’s fun was a lovely outing and lunch at the beautiful Lehigh Valley Hotel in Bethlehem, PA. Our residents enjoy their own luxury living back at the Manors, so an overnight stay was unnecessary. However, everyone took the time to enjoy the gorgeous dining room and delicious food. Sometimes we all need a day out and a relaxing meal in a new setting.  Take a look at our latest gallery to get a taste of our day out!

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