activities for seniors

Activities For Seniors At Home

Research done by National Institute on Aging uncovers that lifestyle factors such as social engagement and cognition activities have direct influence on physical cognitive, sensory, and emotional health of people as they age. After exploring the relationship between activities for seniors and the link to health further, there are endless benefits.

If you’re responsible for the well-being of a loved one of old age, it is important to have fun activities on hand! This is especially important when you are caring for them at home. Learn how to keep your loved one stimulated and active for a happier life!

Brain power!

An active mind is a healthy mind! Keep those wheels turning and bring out activities like books for reading and staying up to date, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or card games! Find a podcast your loved one will be interest and play it aloud and when you’re done, put on the tv and check out that new documentary series you’ve been itching to watch. There are plenty of ways to learn and grow from home, even as we age. Another wonderful way to keep the brain functioning is to continue practicing creativity such as playing music or making art. We talk all about the connection between creativity and aging in our blog!

Movement is key!

Art isn’t only about brain functionality but also about the dexterity of our bodies. Coloring, painting, and drawing all help with muscle movements and even prevent the worsening of arthritis. If capable, it is always a good idea to take a walk down the street too in order to get the whole body in motion. This can be a great time to spend time talking and even get to listen to the sounds of nature as well!

Stay social!

Lower levels of cognitive impairment have presented themselves in those who have created a strong social network as they continued to age. Studies have even shown that the risk of cognitive decline decreases by an average of 70%. Maintaining social circles promotes a sense of purpose in life, while also improving motor skills at the same time. Social activities while living at home may look like FaceTime or Zoom calls with friends and family, joining virtual clubs, or even attending socially distanced events outdoors! Read more about the importance of senior socializing and the importance it plays in our lives as we age.

Manors of the Valley works hard to provide our residents with the kind of care that keeps them mentally and physically stimulated, while also receiving the medical care they require. Each day is packed with exciting activities and events that keep our residents and staff happy, stimulated, and looking forward to what the next day will bring!

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