Senior Socializing – Social Activity is Vital to Senior Health

We’re always searching for new ways to improve our health and live a longer life. There are plenty of studies showing new diets to implement, exercises to try, and medications to incorporate into our daily lives. It sometimes gets a little overwhelming thinking about all the things we “should” be doing. But who would have thought that one of the ways to achieve this fuller life would be something as easy as simply being social? This is something we’ve done our whole lives and dare I say, it’s something we actually enjoy?!

What are social relationships

Social relationships are all about who we talk to and how we spend our time doing it! Relationships are important because they are the network of people who support us and motivate us to participate in the world around us. This could be formally or informally, whether that be meeting as a group for a weekly volunteer opportunity or sitting on the phone with a friend! No matter what the setting, social activity is an interaction between you and the people surrounding you.

Physical health benefits of social relationships

When seniors interact and form social relationships with others, they tend to show increased health benefits and ultimately live a longer life. This is due to a few different factors. First, we see that older adults usually grow to be less physically active as they get older. Being more sedentary puts you at risk for disease or even death. It has been proven though that when seniors interact with others, they are more likely to participate in an activity that gets them moving. These could be activities such as going out, walking, talking, or even shopping with one another.

Physical movement prevents issues from arising such as high blood pressure and obesity. At the same time, it promotes things such as strengthened muscles and cardiovascular functioning. The link between increased physical activity and social relationships is due to the fact that we feel a sense of motivation when we are a part of something. There is a boost of energy that comes along with interaction that gets us moving and ready to take on new projects and activities.

Emotional health benefits of senior socializing

In addition to the physical benefits, socializing as a senior relieves many emotional and mental issues that show up as we age. Age brings on many new feelings of stress and worries. Feelings of depression and low self-esteem come hand in hand with aging. These feelings can be lessened by talking within social circles and participating in leisure social activities. Luckily, along with socializing comes a sense of support that eases these developing feelings and leaves one feeling a new sense of purpose and usefulness with every exchange.

The Manors realizes how important staying socially active is in the process of aging. With endless physical and mental health benefits, we find it to be an essential part of the experience of senior living care! Our Independent Living Services provide plenty of social areas that promote activity and are made to accommodate your loved ones in a friendly and open atmosphere. There is an abundance of opportunities for developing your social sphere here, especially when taking a look at our daily events and activities posted on the events calendar on our website. We have everything including bingo nights, walks with friends, bowling, church services, live entertainment, and so much more!