Creativity and Aging – We’re Getting More Creative

Remember the days when we used to slay dragons, dance at the royal ball, or even raise a family of five with your best friend all from your backyard? As children, creativity seemed endless. There came a day though when we had to trade in our time machines and magic wands for due dates and business calls. That seems awfully sad, doesn’t it? Don’t fret just yet! Recent studies have shown that with aging, there is even more potential for creativity to foster and grow. What’s amazing is not only do we have enhanced creativity as we get older, but the benefits of this expressiveness become greater with age.

Creativity increases with age

Growth in creativity can be observed as people age. This is a result of the process of maturing. First, we see an increase in creative thinking based on the experiences that we face as we go through all of the things that life throws our way. Our unique obstacles and exposures shape our thoughts and practices and therefore give us more to work with when expressing ourselves creatively. We view things from a new and, in this case, artistic point of view as we get older.

Secondly, creativity can truly foster when inspired by others. With age comes the knowledge of others’ work including playwrights, paintings, and films, all of which can spark an idea of our own.

Finally, there is a disregard of social expectations that we see in aging citizens. Instead of worrying about what society may think about a project idea, seniors find it easier to produce creative work that others may not. This is because the area of the brain that deals with self-consciousness gets thinner as you age.

Creativity boosts quality of life

Not only do we become increasingly creative as we get older, but this creativity plays a vital role in the quality of our lives. Studies show that the arts provide a multitude of benefits to aging citizens and lead to a happier and healthier life. Exercising creativity has proven to reduce symptoms of chronic diseases like depression and anxiety.

In addition, the imagination of seniors can help unleash a new sense of purpose for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Practicing creativity allows for the brain to reshape and adapt, thus creating stronger nerves and brain function overall. Not only does practicing creativity provide great health benefits, but it also proves to be something that bonds us together as people when we are put into an atmosphere of innovation. There is more room to share ideas with one another and cultivate new friendships.

We realize how essential creativity is in fostering a healthy and happy senior living experience. By practicing the arts, we see more meaningful years added to our lives. That is why Manors offers a multitude of activities on our calendar that will get your creative juices flowing! This includes crafts, puzzles, movies, singing, coloring, music, and more!