Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Winter is over and the sun is finally out! It’s time to pull ourselves out of the Winter doldrums and embrace all of the fun and excitement that Summer has to offer. We’ll all be getting outside more, and that includes our senior family members and neighbors. They’re just as happy about the great weather like everyone else and are looking forward to enjoyable outings under sunny skies. Whether you plan to spend some time with senior friends or family, or a senior yourself, we have some great ideas for senior-friendly outdoor activities.

Go for a walk

Walking is a simple activity that can be done practically anywhere and everyone can get in on the fun! Even a brief walk is great for mobility and cardiovascular health. You can walk somewhere new or stick to a daily routine and walk the same route every day. Enjoy the fresh air and if you can walk with a friend so that more people can enjoy the activity\.

Picnic or barbecue

As simple as it may sound, just taking a meal or two outside adds a new level of enjoyment. During the Summer months, we can enjoy the beautiful weather with outdoor picnics or barbecues. Pick an idyllic spot by a scenic pond or just move your dinner to an outdoor table in your own backyard — picnics and barbecues are a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to spend time together and eat some tasty food.

Visit a beach or park

If you live near a beach, then Summer is the perfect time to visit and spend a day relaxing on the sand and dipping your toes in the cool waves. Even if you’re not close to a beach, most areas have a nearby park that is perfect for walks, outdoor barbecues, family get-togethers, and just relaxing. Just a quick trip to a park during the day is a great way for seniors to get some fresh air.

Swim or wade

Some days are simply too hot to spend too much time in the sun. Fortunately, seniors can cool off with a casual dip in the pool, some light water aerobics, or even just a bit of wading. Low-impact water activities are great exercise and are also easy on joints.

Farmer’s market or fair

Fairs and farmers markets pop up all Summer long and offer lots to do for everyone in the family, including seniors. Many local fairs offer BINGO and other games and farmer’s markets are a great place to shop for healthy ingredients for meals or that upcoming picnic or barbecue. Fresh air, socializing, and fun can be had no matter the size of the market or fair.

Activity and mobility are important for seniors all year round. That’s why the Manors has a full schedule of games, activities, and exercise every month of the year. But, Summer offers the perfect opportunity for sun, trips, barbecues and special events. Remember to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and cool off inside if you need to. Enjoy your Summer!