Tips for a Smooth Transition to Assisted Living

As our parents and loved ones age, we are often faced with difficult questions of how to care for them and ensure that they have the absolute best quality of life. There are many living options for seniors, including residence at an assistant living facility. A move to assisted living has many benefits like safe and caring living environments, healthy meals, social opportunities, and healthy moves. The decision to move to assisted living may be complicated, but once it is decided, there are other considerations before your family member is comfortable in their new residence.

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Key Differences Between Dementia and Normal Forgetfulness

As adults, our lives are often a busy mix of family, jobs, paying bills, running errands, and trying to fit in time for some relaxation and enjoyment. Day to day we are constantly exposed to huge amounts of information — it comes to us on the television, our phones, tablets, computers, and endless sources. Life is more fast-paced than ever and it’s no wonder that we have to go great lengths not to forget things. We use reminders, from phone and tech to trusty paper sticky-notes. Still, we’re bound to forget things on occasion.

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Senior Friendly Activities For Health And Happiness

We often think of our senior years as a time for relaxation, but as we age, staying active becomes more important than ever. Health and mobility can vary widely between individuals, so it’s important to choose activities that fit a person’s current lifestyle and desired activity level.

Here is our list of the best activities for seniors.

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How Independent Living Benefits Seniors

As we begin to age, we are faced with many choices that concern our health, home life, and living arrangements. For some folks, continuing to live in a home that requires constant upkeep and may be too large can be a burden. Depending on your situation, an Independent Living community may be the perfect solution, offering convenience, comfort, social opportunities, and support as you enjoy your later years. 

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How Seniors Are Embracing Technology

More and more, technology is an integral part of everyone’s lives, and this includes the older generations. It’s not uncommon for parents and grandparents to utilize social media and other forms of technology to communicate, engage, and entertain. While seniors may use their technology slightly differently, it has many benefits and can boost their quality of life.

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Eat Well, Live Longer

A simple Google search about healthy eating will turn up hundreds of articles about fad diets, “superfoods”, nutritional supplements, and any number of dieting tips. If you use social media at all, there’s a good chance that someone has tried to sell you magic pills or powers that guarantee a slim body and lifelong youth. However, a good diet doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or restrictive. A simple, well-balanced diet is necessary for everyone’s health but is especially important for seniors. Healthy eating can help people live longer and have a more fulfilling and active lifestyle later in life.

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Holiday Traditions Are Good For Seniors

For many of us, the holidays can be a stressful time of year. There are often work, family, and social commitments that run as ragged as we try to buy and wrap all of the gifts, decorate for the season, attend social gatherings and get-togethers, and bake, cook, and create the “perfect” holiday for our families. The holiday season tends to fly by, many times without any real enjoyment of time spent with our loved ones and the traditions that define our families.

For seniors, the holiday season has its own set of challenges. For those whose family lives far away or can’t see them, the holidays can be a lonely, isolating time of year. Once important holiday traditions may fade away without anyone to carry them forward.

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How Senior Living Communities Keep Adults Healthier

Discussing senior living and assisted living with a family member can be a difficult conversation. There are many things to consider: comfort, location, price, amenities, services, and a long list of details that you may not have even considered. It’s an important decision that should not be taken lightly, and it’s necessary for the entire family and everyone involved to discuss possibilities thoroughly and work to agree on a situation in which everyone is happy and comfortable with the outcome.

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Manors of the Valley Walks to End Alzheimer’s

Another year, another incredible event! The Manors team was proud to be amongst all the amazing walkers who participated in the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in the Lehigh Valley. This inspiring event joins friends, families and supporters of all ages and abilities to take the first steps toward a world without Alzheimer’s!

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