Characteristics of Great Senior Caretakers

There are many factors to consider when choosing an assisted living or personal care facility, with great caretakers being a priority.

The perfect facility for you an your loved ones should offer all the personalized services you need, but what goes hand in hand with a great facility is a team of educated caretakers. Caregivers are the people who will be assisting you or your loved ones day in and day out, and you need to know what qualities they should posses.

According to AgingCare, one of the keys to an excellent caregiver is the experience they have. “Make sure that the caregiver you choose has undergone the necessary training and received proper certification(s) according to guidelines in your state.” One of the great things about Manors of the Valley is our employees are CPR/First Aid/ AED Certified and if you have loved ones participating in Daycare for Mom there is a Licensed RN on staff. Our specialized and experienced healthcare support teams are full qualified and skillfully trained in every facet regarding senior car.

Another key trait in a good caregiver is their enthusiasm. InHome Care Solutions talks about the importance of enthusiasm by saying, “Caregivers must stay positive and optimistic in order to motivate. A caregiver should be someone’s champion and cheerleader. The best caregivers are enthusiastic when encouraging our elders.” Being enthusiastic is so important because it boosts moral and does encourage our residents and motivate them.

Patience is a virtue and it is among our talented staff as well. Patience is a crucial characteristic in a caregiver. Agingcare.com also states, “A patient person understands things don’t always go as planned and stays collected when unexpected delay happens. Patience is absolutely necessary when caring for the elderly. As we age, our bodies and minds don’t work as well as they used to. We function slower and forget more. Excellent caregivers easily remain calm and work with the elderly patients.”

At Manors of the Valley, all of our caregivers and employees possess these crucial characteristics of experience, enthusiasm and patience. Our outstanding staff helps us stand out as Pennsylvania’s finest senior care communities. We hire only those who are highly skilled in the healthcare field and have exceptional customer service skills to ensure a high-quality experience for our residents. We are dedicated to making sure your loved ones are provided with quality care for a quality life.