Assisted Living vs. Home Care: 5 Things to Consider for Your Loved One

With age, comes less independence, but that doesn’t mean your loved one can’t still look forward to the next chapter of their life. With your help, they can find the right care for their specific needs and worry less about the daily tasks that may become increasingly difficult. But how will you know what that is? Learn more about the differences between home care and assisted living, so you can get your loved one the care they deserve.


Family Involvement

While you want to do everything you can for your loved one, home care require an ongoing family involvement that takes your time and energy to make sure certain things are taken care of. The family plays a much more active role in hiring, scheduling and managing caregivers for their progressing needs. Assisted Living facilities allow the family to be as involved as they would like, while letting your family focus more on your relationship than on the care. There may be more than one caregiver assisting your loved one at any given time, but you can be sure they’re getting the care they need, while your loved one won’t have to worry about how it affects you.


Assisted living offers a variety of amenities that make it easy for the senior to continue to enjoy the things they like to do. Each day, they have the option to partake in community activities or join social circles to develop a routine that works best for them. You’ll rest assured knowing that they have the transportation, housekeeping, laundry, and medical services they need on a daily basis. Within an assisted living facility, seniors can enjoy the company of others and make new friends, while home care provides a more isolated environment for seniors. They may like the fact that they can remain in their own home and receive assistance from a private care provider based on certain scheduling and logistics planned out by the family. But be mindful of the specific emotional needs of your loved one to determine if the potential social isolation is right for them.


What’s Included
Housekeeping and home maintenance still need to be taken care of if the senior chooses to remain in their home. While receiving home care, groceries, personal items and and household supplies will need to be purchased by family members to ensure your loved one has what they need. Within a senior care facility, meals, transportation and group activities are included in the monthly fee. Health and fitness opportunities are also available with various classes and exercise equipment the senior may not have in their own home. Without having to schedule care from day to day (home care personnel typically runs at hourly rates), it’s the more affordable way to get 24/7 supervision and care. Plus, the level of care can be increased with ease, having a full staff already in place.


Living Environment
Assisted living provides a watchful, nurturing environment designed specifically to support your loved one’s needs. From laundry services and nutritional meals to fitness programs and social activities, all of these services are available to help your loved one retain their independence and feel more comfortable in their new home. Home care allows the senior to stay in their home or a relative’s home, but often may require various home modifications for safety, wheelchair access or even just having the proper space for the care itself. Depending on your specific situation, home care can be much more intrusive or bothersome, especially if children or pets play a role.


Peace of Mind
Most importantly, assisted living assures that your loved one won’t have to worry about daily tasks that have now become more difficult or daunting. Cooking, cleaning and their personal care is all taken care of, so they can focus on family visits and social activities, instead of getting help from others. At the same time, you’ll have total peace of mind that all their needs are being addressed in a fun, safe community environment without stressing about who is taking care of their home.


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