An Exciting Chapter for your Loved Ones: Independent Living

Even though the future is unknown it can lead to new and exciting lifestyles and opportunities.

Many times in our lives we are faced with chapters ending and embarking on new beginnings. This can happen at any age! A new beginning in a loved one’s life include making the choice to move to an independent living facility. This step in life can actually be freeing and liberating. When moving to an independent living facility here are the undeniable benefits you may want to consider.

If a loved one is currently living alone, that is a concern for not only them but for your family as well. There may be a never-ending number of chores and maintenance on your household that you just don’t want to deal with anymore. According to the A Place for Mom, “Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, vacuuming- these become things of the past.” Just think – you can live a worry-free life style of not having to maintain a household and have the independence to go have fun and do other things.

With making the move to an independent living facility can create a sense of safety. A Place for Mom states, “Residents enjoy the peace of mind that comes with emergency response systems that are in apartments. This alleviates fears about falling and becoming trapped for hours or even days, a scenario that’s too common for senior’s residing alone.”

With this new-found freedom, you have of feeling safe, secure and house duty free this leaves lots of time for new friends and revived social life! This can be a worry-free life style of you focusing on your happiness and having fun! At Manors the Lehigh Valley we offer Personal Care Events every day of the month! We have exercise sessions, movie & popcorn events, happy hours, bingo games, and more!

We are proud to announce that coming soon is the Saucon Valley III Independent Living! Now is the time to learn more about our brand new facility! Have your loved ones be in great hands with our experienced staff, modern furnishings and inspiring on-site amenities. Take this next step in your life with us!