arts and crafts for seniors

It’s Never Too Late to Create!

Creativity doesn’t come to a standstill when you hit a certain age! In fact, it oftentimes does the exact opposite. The pursuit of art in older age is actually extremely beneficial to the mind and body. This “art” we talk about doesn’t have to be in the form of beautiful sculptures, oil paintings, or perfect haikus either. Creative action is as easy as doodling on a napkin or coloring in the lines!

Arts and crafts for seniors are a great way to pass the time, work those hand muscles, and expand your creative thinking!

Crafting benefits the body

Both physical and mental health benefit from arts and crafts at any age, but especially as you get older. According to the CDC, 49.6% of seniors aged 65 years old and up have reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis. It is reported though that regular movement in your hands and fingers can help to loosen tightness and increase functionality. Arts and crafts in old age are the perfect way to keep those muscles moving!

The link between creativity and aging proves to provide many benefits to both physical and mental health as well. Along with improvements to mood, there are also increases in cognitive functioning. Memory and sharp thinking advances have been noticed in conjunction to practicing art in old age too.

Crafting creates purpose

A sense of purpose is important in maintaining a healthy and happy daily routine in senior living. Seeing a project through from beginning to end provides the kind of purpose we crave. Meeting up with friends to get crafty also offers a sense of social responsibility and fun that often leads us to feel productive. Crafting is the perfect way to create and maintaining relationships with those around us! This sense of socialization is important, especially in senior living.

Arts and crafts for seniors

Need some ideas of where to get started? Look no further!

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Arts and crafts for seniors are all about fostering friendships, improving mental health, and increasing physical health in old age. Manors of the Valley provides plenty of creative activities and opportunities for our residents to enjoy! Visit sauconvalleymanor.com/ to join in on the fun!