7 Apps Tech-Savvy Seniors Love

More and more, seniors are turning to technology, from joining social media to reduce feelings of isolation to using their smart phone for event reminders and for navigating the Internet in search of information on any range of topics.

Here are seven popular apps for the tech-savvy senior in your life.


Lumosity is a site full of puzzles and games that are designed to keep the brain sharp. Exercising your brain can help slow the progression of dementia, and the fun activities on Lumosity have been shown to improve memory and cognitive function.


Pandora lets your aging loved one listen to the music of his generation with ease. Customizable stations let your loved one fill his playlist with his favorite music and discover new tunes.


Skype lets your loved one communicate face-to-face with friends and family far and near. She can Skype with her sister in Duluth or with the grandkids on Christmas. Skype is the next best thing to being there, and it’s free to use over wireless Internet connections.

The Weather Channel

If your loved one likes to know what to expect from Mother Nature, The Weather Channel app offers regular updates on the day’s weather and lets him explore the forecast without waiting for the information on the news.


Pillboxie lets your loved one create a custom schedule for all of her medications, and it alerts her when it’s time to dose.


For the book-lover, Goodreads offers a membership of more than 20 million. Members rate and review books so that your loved one can see what his circle is reading and whether they liked it.

If your loved one has vision problems, Voice Reading can help her navigate the Internet more easily. Voice Reading reads text aloud, from articles on the Internet to emails, messages, and text files.
The wonderful world of apps can make life easier and more fun for the senior in your life. If your loved one embraces technology, introduce him one or more of these apps to keep him engaged and better connected.