Manor Residents Celebrate Thanksgiving Eve at Parkway Lanes

Today, the activities team at Saucon Valley and Whitehall Manor brought a group of excited seniors to the newly re-opened Parkway Lanes of South Allentown.

The resident’s had a great time with some friendly competition and filling meals prepared at the alley.  Below are some photos of our residents showing off their bowling skills!

Outside trips and social events are weekly at the manors because of the importance and benefits of seniors who stay active and social.

“Why exactly should seniors stay socially active?

So we have established that it is important for seniors to stay socially active, but why exactly is this the case? Well, staying socially active is perhaps just as important as staying physically active in order for seniors to enjoy good health. The following are some reasons why seniors should maintain at least a moderate level of social activity.

Reduced risk for mental health issues

Interacting with peers on a constant basis helps to prevent a whole host of mental health issues. These can range from depression to poor cognitive function. Why, you may ask? When seniors stay socially active, the brain is constantly engaged, leading to the maintenance of a sharper mind and reducing the potential for faltering cognitive function. For example, your risk for Alzheimer’s disease will be lower as compared to a senior who is socially isolated.

The interaction also gives you a sense of belonging and helps you to stay connected to the world around you. This is a fantastic way to reduce stress levels and prevent depression. Conversely, if you are socially isolated, you will be at much higher risk of feeling lonely and hence developing depression.” Source


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