10 Helpful Gadgets for Seniors with Arthritis

 According to the Centers for Disease Control, 49.6 percent of people over the age of 65 report having been diagnosed with arthritis, making even the simplest tasks painful and difficult.
Here are ten great gadgets available on Amazon that can help your loved one struggling with arthritis complete a variety of  everyday tasks.



Gripping standard utensils can be painful if you have arthritis. This set of utensils, which includes a fork, knife, tablespoon, and teaspoon, features large, cushioned, non-slip handles that makes them easy and comfortable to hold.



Opening jars can be tough for anyone, but particularly for those with arthritis. This jar opener is mounted under the kitchen cabinets and can open small lids, like the one on the ketchup bottle, or large ones, like the lid on the pickle jar.



This button hook makes buttoning shirts easy and painless, and a built-in zipper hook enables pain-free zipping and unzipping. A large, easy-grip handle is comfortable to hold and allows for greater control.



Finding a comfortable angle and getting a solid grip on traditional nail clipper is a serious challenge, but these clippers offer a 360-degree rotating blade that eliminates the need for twisting and angling. Wide, easy-grip handles are easy and comfortable to hold.



These super-sharp scissors feature a soft, ergonomic handle, and a spring-action design opens the blades after every cut, making cutting paper, fabric, and other materials easy and comfortable.




It’s easy to write legibly with these egg-shaped rubber grips that make holding a pen or pencil less painful while increasing fine motor performance.



Turn a doorknob effortlessly with a single finger with this easy-to-install doorknob grip. Simply stretch it over the knob, and open doors easily and painlessly.



This key holder offers multiple gripping options and provides extra leverage for unlocking doors with standard keys. It holds one or two keys.



A lightweight and ergonomic electric can opener, this helpful gadget is easy to use. Just line it up on the can, push the button, and let it do all the work. Powered by four AA batteries.



Ease pressure on hands, shoulders, arms, and fingers with this long-handled hair washer featuring an oval, soft-grip handle and ergonomic curve that makes it easy to maneuver for clean hair without the pain.


Finding ways to make life with arthritis easier and less painful isn’t hard once you start looking at all of the gadgets available. Whatever struggles your aging loved one has, chances are, you can find a tool or a hack to improve comfort and overcome everyday challenges for a better quality of life.