Outside Trips

Enjoyable Springtime Activities for Seniors

After a long winter spent mostly indoors, spring is a welcome time for many seniors. Abundant sunshine, warm temperatures, and blooming flowers lift the mood and renew the spirit, and getting out in the thick of it all is good for body and soul. Here, then, are eight springtime activities the senior in your life will likely enjoy.

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Keeping Family Close

No matter how far you are from your loved ones, we always bring family together! Whitehall Manor resident Ethel loved video chatting on Skype with her great-granddaughters today!

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How to Prevent Dehydration While Staying Active

Dehydration is particularly dangerous for seniors and can lead to serious medical complications, including swelling in the brain, seizures, kidney failure, coma, and even death. As we age, the risk of dehydration is increased due to several factors:

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, and it’s also the time when many of us get the itch to do some serious cleaning and culling of our belongings. While living in a senior living facility makes it difficult to collect too much clutter, things tend to pile up nevertheless, and putting things in order can improve seniors’ state of mind as well as their safety.

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Considerations for Seniors with Autism

We often think of children when we think of autism, and that’s largely because autism is a fairly new condition that’s only been regularly diagnosed since the 1970s. Studies concerning autism in aging adults are few and far between, but the latest research shows that as age increases, the severity of autism may also increase.

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New Findings in Alzheimer’s Research

More than five million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, a number that’s expected to grow to 16 million by 2050. The race is on to find a cure for this devastating disease, and so far, 2017 has seen some promising breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s research.

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Travel Tips for Older Adults with Special Needs

If your aging loved one struggles with mobility or certain health issues that make traveling difficult, taking a trip can seem like an insurmountable task. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning ahead, you and your loved one can enjoy a wonderful, trouble-free vacay and make some great memories to cherish. These special tips can help.

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