Manors of the Valley Voted Best Assisted Living Facilities 2017

We are proud to announce that The Manors of the Valley has been awarded The Morning Call’s Reader’s Choice Award in our respective category.

Every year, readers of The Morning Call vote for the best in shopping, home and services, restaurants, wellness and personal centers, and recreation and entertainment. We are honored to be chosen this year as the “Best Assisted Living Facilities”, and we would like to thank everyone who voted.
Since we first opened our doors, as well as our arms, to your loved ones in 1998, we have always been proud of the services we provide and the high standard of quality to which we hold them. We make it a point to make our residents feel more at home than ever. Our employees do everything they can to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated, and every single resident of ours has a friend in them.
Along with our incredible staff, the variety of services we offer is also one of the many standout characteristics that we can’t go without recognizing. Our services include daily tasks, such as our indoor and outdoor social activities, to more crucial services like our Alzheimer’s support groups. The range of available amenities at all three of our locations plays a substantial role in our continued success supporting Lehigh Valley seniors.
And of course, we could not do what we do without our wonderful and extremely dedicated staff. The are world class when it comes to providing a comfortable and pleasant living environment for each and every one of our residents. No senior goes unnoticed at our facilities, and our staff always greet every senior in the hall by first name and a friendly hello.
Speaking of residents, we would like to thank you as well. You are the reason we do what we do. You, and your families, bring smilies to our faces every single day. Thank you again to everyone involved in our every-growing senior living community, and thank you for voting for us and making this possible! We sincerely appreciate it.