Getting Older Offers Surprising Health Benefits

We tend to think about and focus on maintaining health as we age, with the assumption that health deteriorates as we get older. That is true in many ways. Normal memory loss, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular disease are more common in seniors than in the younger population. But, you may not realize that aging has some surprising health-related perks.

Older people feel younger

There are certain perceptions about growing older and one is that when the senior years arrive, you will feel older. However, that is a common misconception. A Pew Research Center study on Growing Old in America found that 60% of the study’s participants age 65-years and older said they felt 10-19 years younger than their age. Younger folks reported feeling their age or older. Most people have certain expectations about how they will feel as they age, but it turns out that the older you get, the younger you feel.

Better sleep and fewer migraines

Two common health problems that plague younger people begin to fade as people age. In general, seniors experience fewer migraines and sleep disturbances than younger generations. Of course, this a trend and some seniors will still experience sleeplessness or debilitating migraines. However, even people who experienced migraines or insomnia when they were younger may find those problems lessen with age.

Better brain

We accept that there is a certain amount of brain function that deteriorates with age. A normal amount of memory loss and forgetfulness is common and does not indicate any serious problems. We can combat these changes with certain activities that help to maintain overall cognitive function. However, seniors can find comfort in the fact that certain brain functions actually improve with age. Problem-solving ability, overall judgment, and the ability to make financial decisions all improve as people reach their senior years.

Seniors are happier

According to the Pew Research study on Growing Old in America, nearly half of the study participants aged 75 and older reported that their life turned out better than they expected. As adults, we spend much of our time worrying about the future and navigating our busy, stressful lives. We work towards an unknown future and imagine that aging is something to avoid. However, though our lives may change as we get older, it doesn’t have to be for the worse. Seniors have more free time and the opportunity to pursue hobbies, interests, and activities.

At the Manors, we believe in giving our residents the opportunity to live happy and fulfilled lives. With luxury senior living and a full list of fun social activities each day, we can ensure that all our residents are able to fully take advantage of the lifestyle and health benefits that come with age.