Age Related Memory Loss

Memory lapses are common among seniors. In fact, someone at any age is liable to suffer a memory loss when they’re feeling overwhelmed or over stressed, but lapses in memory become a concern when they begin to occur with some frequency or when their severity increases. For seniors in assisted-living situations, memory lapse is something that caregivers must look out for and evaluate should lapses begin to occur. While it’s important to be on guard against memory loss, there are also some things that caregivers can do to help the seniors in their care stay sharp.

Forgetfulness or Something Else
Forgetting an appointment, where you set your glasses, or why you walked into a room are common occurrences that many people experience as they age. Forgetfulness is certainly associated with the aging process. However, caregivers should suspect something more serious than simple memory lapses if they begin to be accompanied by other symptoms. Seniors suffering with the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, according to Mayo Clinic, may exhibit symptoms and behaviors like asking the same questions over and over in a short period of time, getting lost in a familiar setting like their home or neighborhood, placing items in inappropriate places (i.e. putting their reading glasses in the refrigerator), or showing uncharacteristic mood changes.

If these symptoms are present, it’s important for the senior in question to be evaluated by their healthcare provider. Although diseases like Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, there are medications and practices that may slow disease progression and enhance the senior’s quality of life.

Tips to Sharpen Memory
You can help the senior in your care by keeping their body and mind as active as possible. If their mobility is intact, it’s important for them to exercise; taking a walk through the park, for example, supports both physical and mental health. You can keep their mental acuity sharpened by playing games with them that challenge their thought process. Encouraging them to try new hobbies is another way to support their mental faculties.

Together we can help your senior ward off memory loss in many cases by keeping these tips in mind. Contact us for more details.