Circus Day Celebration!

Circus Day is a very serious celebration for the Lehigh Valley Manors!


It’s a day filled with laughter and joy as our teams and residents gather together to show off their fun and creative costumes while enjoying delicious treats and exciting games made by our staff!


With special guest appearances from Lobster Boy, Snake Women, the Strongest Man, and the Two-Headed Girl!


Check out our photo album to view our Circus Day Celebration!

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Honoring Our Heroes

We were so honored to be able to celebrate Veteran’s Day with all of our courageous vets! Our activities team did a fantastic job making this day so special for our residing Veterans.


With the help of our caring team, we presented each of our Veterans with a certificate of appreciation in hopes to show them how truly thankful we are for their service. During the award ceremony, we captured photos of all our heroes and were fortunate enough to hear some of their heartfelt stories. 


We would like to thank all of those who served and are still serving our country. Thank you for all that you have done!


Check out our photo album to view The Manors Veterans receiving their certificates of appreciation!

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Manors Walk For Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years. In order to raise awareness of this unfortunate disease, the Manor’s decided to join together in walking for a cure. Our residents chose to walk with loved ones and staff in honor of supporting those who are affected by Alzheimer’s. 


With the help of our loving team, shirts were designed and signs were crafted in hopes to spread the word about walking for a cure. 


Check out our photo album to view the happy moments we captured together. 

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Wild Wild West Day

Wild Wild West day was a success for Saucon Valley, Bethlehem, Whitehall, and Parkland Manors! Each location made it their mission to make this day one our residents will never forget. Our team took this theme to the next level with their dedication and attention to detail. After every Manor voted for best costume and design, we celebrated the winnings with fresh pizza and tasty desserts! We are so lucky to have a staff this awesome and very grateful for everything they do for all of our residents. Let’s see next year beat this!

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Saucon Valley 20th Anniversary

Saucon Valley Manor celebrated their 20th anniversary on September 30th with a big bash! They held an outdoor socially distanced ceremony to honor their 20 residents and staff members who have been there the longest with plaques, roses, and gift cards. Kind words were shared from the guest speakers Mayor David Heintzelman for Hellertown, and Executive Lamont McClure, and Senator Lisa Boscola from Northampton County. 


“We are family. Their compassion and passion are contagious. That’s what it boils down to. We have each other’s backs and we can get through anything,” – Priya Atiyeh, VP of Manors of the Valley.


Congratulations to the Saucon Valley team on their 20th anniversary!

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Arts and Crafts Day

What better way to beat the summer heat than with arts and crafts?! Some seniors had fun coloring and creating handheld fans to show off to their friends. While others chose to live life in full bloom designing some awesome paper flowers! Take a look at there their artwork to gain some crafty ideas. Click here to check out some more fun activities!

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20th Anniversary Kickoff

August 28th was the first day to officially mark the start of the celebrations for Saucon Valley Manor’s 20th anniversary!! We kicked off the celebrations with an employee lunch welcoming all departments and shifts. There are so many more exciting events we have planned from now through January, which of course follow social distancing guidelines and we are so happy to celebrate with you! To stay updated on all of our 20th-anniversary events, follow us on Facebook!  

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Advice To The Younger Generation

The older generation, like the rest of us, has made plenty of their own memories they can reflect back on. They have years of experience to share with the younger generation. It’s up to today’s young adults to decide whether or not they want to take their advice or learn from our own mistakes. Here are some pointers our kind-hearted seniors would love to share with the younger generation. Check out more fun activities here!

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activities for seniors

Activities For Seniors At Home

Research done by National Institute on Aging uncovers that lifestyle factors such as social engagement and cognition activities have direct influence on physical cognitive, sensory, and emotional health of people as they age. After exploring the relationship between activities for seniors and the link to health further, there are endless benefits.

If you’re responsible for the well-being of a loved one of old age, it is important to have fun activities on hand! This is especially important when you are caring for them at home. Learn how to keep your loved one stimulated and active for a happier life!

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considering senior living

Considering Senior Living? Let Us Help

Are you on considering senior living for a loved one? Aging is part of life and it calls for some major changes. We’re here to lend you a helping hand when you begin to navigate this transition to senior living. Let’s start with the basics though. What are the first steps to take?

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