Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, and it’s also the time when many of us get the itch to do some serious cleaning and culling of our belongings. While living in a senior living facility makes it difficult to collect too much clutter, things tend to pile up nevertheless, and putting things in order can improve seniors’ state of mind as well as their safety.

These spring cleaning tips for seniors will promote a clutter-free living environment while keeping safety in mind.

1. Ask yourself three questions. When you’re deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, ask yourself three questions: Do I need it? Do I use it? Do I love it? If you answer no to any question, get rid of it. This applies to clothing, bric-a-brac, books and magazines, and all of the other flotsam and jetsam we tend to collect along the way.

2. Keep safety in mind. As you clean, keep an eye out for safety hazards. Make sure that frequently used items are within easy reach. Arrange the furniture so that there’s a clear walking path through the space. Make sure falling hazards are removed or fixed, including securing the edges of throw rugs and keeping cords well out of the way.

3. Check the fridge and medicine cabinet. Spring is a good time to go through medications and check the expiration dates. Toss out any that have expired. Replenish first-aid supplies, including band-aids, over-the-counter medications, and wound care products. Scrub out the fridge and freezer and discard any expired condiments, freezer-burned items, and other inedible food.

4. Replace batteries and fire extinguishers. Check the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and check the expiration date on the fire extinguisher. Make sure you have a plan in place in the event of an emergency, such as a fall or a fire. Know how to use the fire extinguisher, and know who to call for help.

5. Make it easy to keep it clean. Have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. Stock up on cleaning tools and supplies to make it easier to keep things tidy and clean throughout the year. A lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner, an extendable-handle duster, and household cleaning wipes and glass wipes make cleaning a breeze and help ensure safety.

Once you’re done spring cleaning, you’ll be ready to sail on into summer unencumbered by clutter and safety hazards. Happy spring!