Assisted Living Bethlehem PA


Welcome to Saucon Valley Manor! We are the leading senior living community that provides the best standard of assisted living services in Bethlehem, PA. We have long-term experience as provider of assisted living services that are suitable to our residents. Care programs may vary depending upon the need of residents and you may have to select from help with routine activities and more advanced care programs.

We are happy to serve our residents with first-class service and support in a very comfortable environment. We have uniquely designed care programs for elders who are unable to manage their routine activities. We have dedicated caregivers to take care of services from independent living on many levels of assisted living care. If you are concerned for your elders who are unable to do anything and you have no time to take care of them then you’ve come to the right place.

At Saucon Valley Manor, we are dedicated to provide individuals with the best standard of assisted living in Bethlehem, PA. Our goal is to provide comfort and care to our residents so we provide them the optimum level of service they actually need to lead routine activities. Our community has set standards for assisted living with few of the goals in mind including:

  • To provide comprehensive care to elders with their routine practices
  • To provide them the safest and well-structured living area
  • To facilitate a professional and skilled caregiver for each resident with disability
  • To give the residents an opportunity to enjoy their life

If you are looking for the professional, skilled and well-planned assisted living services for your loved ones than trust Saucon Valley Manor.