Why Aging at a Senior Living Facility is Beneficial for Your Loved One

Today’s seniors are more active and independent than ever before, but many still struggle with meeting the responsibilities that come with continuing to live at home. Family members may worry about whether their loved one is safe, eating properly, and enjoying life, but they often don’t want to bring up the subject of moving to a senior living facility for fear their loved one will feel abandoned. But the reality is that senior living facilities are wonderful places where seniors thrive, and here are five good reasons why.

1. No more home maintenance or yard work.
Staying at home means taking care of the house, the yard, and tackling those small maintenance tasks that may be too much for many seniors, especially if they’re not as mobile as they once were. At a senior living facility, they can enjoy the homey atmosphere and beautiful grounds without having to lift a finger.

2. No more boredom.
Seniors who live at home often feel isolated, especially if they no longer drive. Senior living communities offer a wide range of in-house activities and outings for seniors so that they can enjoy the offerings around town as they please. From shopping excursions and visits to museums, landmarks and parks to enjoying arts and entertainment programs in and out of the facility, seniors have plenty to do to keep them busy and engaged in the community.

3. Improved family relationships.
Seniors who are dependent on their grown children for assistance around the house and help with hygiene and other activities of daily living often feel like a burden, and family caregivers can suffer from caregiver burnout, a serious condition that reduces their quality of life and the quality of care they’re able to offer their aging parent. Living in a facility enables families to focus on their relationships and enjoy each other’s company without negative feelings getting in the way.

4. Better health.
Senior living facilities make sure their aging clients are offered a range of healthy meal choices, and they promote exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices to help seniors enjoy better physical and mental health as they age.

5. Safety and security.
Residents at a senior living facility enjoy a safe, secure environment and needn’t fear burglars, con artists, or household disasters. If they need medical assistance, it’s right there, on-site. There are no stairs to climb or unsafe bathrooms to navigate, and this safe, secure environment gives them—and you—peace of mind and a safe base from which to enjoy life.
If your loved one lives at home and you fear for his or her safety and wellbeing, consider taking a tour of our clean, welcoming facility to see what life has to offer your aging loved one here at home.