Senior Friendly Activities For Health And Happiness

We often think of our senior years as a time for relaxation, but as we age, staying active becomes more important than ever. Health and mobility can vary widely between individuals, so it’s important to choose activities that fit a person’s current lifestyle and desired activity level.

Here is our list of the best activities for seniors.


Reading is a past time that so many enjoy, that also offers many benefits. It keeps the brain engaged and can also improve memory, reduce stress, improve sleep, and delay cognitive decline. With a variety of formats that include ebooks and audiobooks, reading is more accessible than ever.

Television and Movies

While watching television and movies may not directly provide physical activity, it helps to engage the mind and keep seniors informed and connected to the world around them. Watching certain programs may even inspire those who watch them to try something new, like take up a hobby or travel somewhere new.

Music and Dance

Listening to familiar music can remind the listener of a specific time and place and is an excellent way for seniors to connect with their memories. Music also encourages dancing, which is an excellent physical activity for nearly everyone.

Participating in the Community

As seniors age, isolation can cause depression and contribute to a decline in overall health. Participating in the community and doing volunteer work and charity contributes to social connections and overall well-being. Even is a person in homebound, they can use hobbies and skills like knitting to give back.


Games are fun, they encourage socializing, and they keep the body and mind active. Card games, board games, trivia, word games and much more are fun for all ages.

Low-impact Sports and Exercise

Physical activity is impotent to health, especially for seniors. But, as we age, special considerations should be given to the type of physical activity. Low-impact sports like bowling and activities like Tai-chi are great choices for older people.

Hobbies and Learning

Whether it’s a new activity or one they have been doing for years, a hobby is a perfect way to keep the mind and the body active. Hobbies make us happy and relieve stress.

With more free time, the senior years are a great time to learn something new. It can be a language, a musical instrument, or a skill like cooking or baking. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Activities the engage the mind and body are important for everyone, not just seniors. Encourage your loved ones and family to engage in activities and do them together. Here at the Manors, we have a full calendar of activities that support the overall health and quality of life of our residents.