Senior Day Care Benefits Not Only Loved Ones

Seniors who prefer to live at home often don’t realize the biggest downside to their decision: the lack of social interaction. Unfortunately, in-home caregivers and family members can’t always provide everything a senior needs to live a happy, fulfilling life as they get older.

The good news is that Manors of the Valley now offers personalized Senior Day Services that not only helps provide the care and attention your loved one needs, but truly benefits you as the caregiver as well.

What is Senior Day Care?

Senior Daycare centers have become leading care providers for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. They offer seniors the ability to leave the house and participate in supervised activities and social events in a safe and well-maintained environment. If a senior isn’t fully ready to make the move from their home to a long-term care facility, but require special care and attention throughout the day, Senior Day Care provides the perfect compromise.

At the Manors of the Valley, our new Daycare for Mom program provides personalized, protective care based on your senior’s specific needs. Not only do we offer daily social activities from games and day trips to exercise programs, but with licensed medical professionals on staff, seniors can benefit from physical/speech therapy, memory care supervision and medication management at any time while at our facility. They’ll enjoy the daily companionship of seniors with similar interests, and even make new furry friends through pet therapy.

When caring for your loved one becomes more than you can handle, it’s important to make a decision that not only is right for them, but also right for you. Here’s why Senior Daycare can help everyone in your family:

Benefits for Caregivers 

  • Reduced Stress. Caring for someone who needs constant attention can pile on a lot of added stress to your every day. From managing medicine schedules to transportation and physical exertions, Senior Daycare helps provide the relief you need in your day to catch your breath and relax.
  • Better Relationships. The added stress and responsibilities of a caregiver can really put a strain on their relationship with their loved one. The less independent they become, the more demanding their needs become, causing strife and tension you can’t control. Having the additional hours in your day relieves the feelings of obligation so you can maintain the relationship you want to have.
  • Improved Individual Health. Senior Daycare provides the relief you need to catch your breath and focus on your own health. With short and long day stays offered at Manors, you can plan the necessary “you time” and find a healthy balance that works with your already busy work and family schedule.

  • Peace of Mind. Not only will you know your loved one is getting the same type of care you work hard to provide, but you’ll feel even better knowing they’re getting so much more. In addition to regular transportation and meals, they’ll receive specialized health and counseling care from a registered RN and enjoy invaluable social interaction with other seniors in a nurturing and comfortable surrounding.

If you’re still not sure if Senior Daycare is the right decision for you and your loved one, Manors of the Valley offers a complimentary consultation to assess your specific situation. Whether in the privacy of your own home or during a tour of our facility, the staff at any of our Lehigh Valley locations will help you understand all the aspects of our excellent care and help make the transition as smooth as possible. Contact us to schedule yours today.


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