How Independent Living Benefits Seniors

As we begin to age, we are faced with many choices that concern our health, home life, and living arrangements. For some folks, continuing to live in a home that requires constant upkeep and may be too large can be a burden. Depending on your situation, an Independent Living community may be the perfect solution, offering convenience, comfort, social opportunities, and support as you enjoy your later years. 

What is Independent Living?

The key word in Independent Living is, of course, “Independent”. A resident in Independent Living is able to care for themselves on nearly every level. They are able to bathe, care for themselves, cook, etc, without assistance. Independent Living should not be confused with Assisted Living, which offers a higher level of care, assistance, and monitoring. So, if a person is still able to care for themselves, why would they move to a dedicated Independent Living community?

Benefits of Independent Living

One of the aspects of aging that affects seniors most negatively is isolation. Maintaining social relationships becomes more important, at the same time as it becomes more difficult. Seniors are less likely to drive and attend regular activities. However, in an Independent Living community, there are other people to socialize with and a full schedule of fun activities that encourage socialization, physical activity, and more. Most communities offer transportation and organize regular trips to stores and services. There are always friends with whom to chat, eat, and engage. Independent Living communities eliminate the depression and isolation the can accompany aging.

Retirement years are meant for relaxation and enjoyment, which may not include doing major household chores. Maintaining a home is hard work and can be stressful. An Independent Living community alleviates that stress by providing cleaning and other services. There is no landscaping or sudden expenses when an appliance breaks. Independent Living offers modern, luxurious spaces with all of the comforts of home, without all of the hassles. In addition, most communities offer regular, healthy meals in a social dining setting, eliminating the need for regular cooking, meal planning, and shopping. 

Social opportunities, safety, convenience, and delicious, healthy meals are just a few of the benefits that Independent Living offers seniors. Maintaining an active and social lifestyle later in life helps people live longer and enjoy a better overall quality of life. The Manor offers several levels of senior care, including luxury Independent Living. Contact Us to schedule a tour.