How Senior Living Communities Keep Adults Healthier

Discussing senior living and assisted living with a family member can be a difficult conversation. There are many things to consider: comfort, location, price, amenities, services, and a long list of details that you may not have even considered. It’s an important decision that should not be taken lightly, and it’s necessary for the entire family and everyone involved to discuss possibilities thoroughly and work to agree on a situation in which everyone is happy and comfortable with the outcome.

Senior Living and overall health

Though many factors should be considered, there is one area where you can be certain: health. The fact is that older adults living in senior living communities tend to be healthier, overall. Senior living communities, like the Manors, offer residents and families peace of mind, in addition to many other health benefits.

Here are just a few benefits of senior living:

Good nutrition for seniors

As your family member ages, it may be more difficult for them to prepare healthy foods for themselves. There are many factors that contribute to that difficulty including transportation to the grocery store, moving around the store, cooking meals, and maintaining a kitchen. In a senior living environment, delicious, well-balanced meals are offered throughout the day, prepared by professional chefs, and containing fresh and healthy ingredients. 

Transportation concerns

Difficulty driving to the grocery store is just one of the issues that arise when your loved one is no longer comfortable with driving or able to drive safely. It means that they can no longer run regular errands, drive themselves to the doctor, or drive to see friends and family. A lack of transportation opportunities can be a large factor in senior adults becoming isolated.

However, in a senior living community, transportation worries are taken care of on multiple levels, including transportation when needed. Meals and social opportunities are available at the community, and at the Manors, there are opportunities for trips like shopping and other fun activities. 

Social activities for seniors

Transportation can be an impediment to seniors enjoying an active social life, but so can factors like mobility and even availability of activities. In a senior living community, there are a wide variety of group activities and social events offered, including games, crafts, outside trips, church services, cultural activities, and activities geared specifically towards both mental and physical health, including exercise classes, personal training, and trivia and puzzles.

Housekeeping and a safe living environment

Most homeowners or heads of household know that keeping up with a home can be quite stressful. There is daily housekeeping, laundry, cleaning, and more. This can become overwhelming as a person ages, and a senior living community will offer these services as needed to your loved one.

In addition to just housekeeping, many homes are designed to be safe for senior adults. Accessibility and mobility issues may begin to make a home inconvenient or even unlivable, and senior living communities are designed to provide safe and comfortable living spaces for all stages of senior care.


Senior living communities are a fantastic way for older adults to continue to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Here at the Manor, we are dedicated to providing superior senior care, from assisted living to secured memory care. Contact us to get more information or tour one of our facilities.